Board of Directors

Larry Eason

Larry Eason As President & Founder of digital strategy and communications firm DotOrgPower Larry helps Nonprofits harness mobile and new media to achieve their goals. He works with charity/cause leaders to expand their sense of what is possible and to use that transformed thinking to innovate and succeed.

Larry is pioneering new approaches that help issues and organizations use mobile tools and the social web to build access and influence with decision makers and donors. Larry and his clients are early adopters of mobile fundraising, mobile communication, and the use of mobile to deliver program.

Larry has designed and led online campaigns for numerous, successful nonprofit initiatives and ballot measures including the campaign to pass California Prop 63 which earned him the national Golden Dot Award for Best Statewide Internet Campaign in 2005. With more than 20 years of charity and nonprofit experience, Larry offers practical insight into what is needed by charities today

Jeanette Flores

Jeanette Flores Jeanette Flores has worked in the nonprofit community for over 15 years. Including community outreach programs in inner cities, education, social services, environmental and animal conservation, she has served in management positions in several nonprofit startups building them from the grassroots up.

Direct responsibilities have included strategic planning and implementation, program development, grant writing, fundraising, financial director, program/project manager, volunteer coordinator, facility supervisor and educational director. On the animal conservation front, Jeanette worked with the Wolf Connection, Los Angeles Zoo Association, and the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research.

Additionally Jeanette managed the financials/accounting for the Gibbon Conservation Center, Jubilee Consortium, Earthrace Conservation, EcoLA, and AA5Aday (African American 5 A Day).

Robert J. Katch

Robert J. Katch Robert founded Manchester Financial in 1990 while serving as Pepperdine University’s Associate Treasurer, responsible for investment and oversight of its $250 million endowment portfolio. From 1991 to 2003, he also taught investment, accounting and finance courses for the University. Robert was previously with Arthur Young & Co. serving in the International Taxation and Merger & Acquisition Departments. He currently serves on the Board and as Chairman of the Investment Committee for Ventura County Community Foundation’s Endowment portfolio, Pepperdine Alumni Association and Seaver College board of Visitors.

Charles Plank

Charles Plank A veteran of the Non-profit industry, Mr. Plank has helped non-profits raise over half a billion dollars over the course of his 30 year career. His non-profit career ranges from education as director of alumni affairs and vice-chancellor roles at Pepperdine University to cause related and faith based executive leadership. A frequent speaker and lecturer, Doug is often sought for advice regarding campaign and solicitation strategy, board development and volunteerism. As an entrepreneur, Doug is a real estate investor and developer, is a founder and serves on the board of technology companies and various non-profits.

Daniel Scalisi

Daniel Scalisi A 15-year veteran of the wireless and web industries, Mr. Scalisi has built numerous companies in the area of mobile, web and social media. His experience is rooted in building consumer-facing services which bridge the divide between legacy industries and emerging technologies. Mr. Scalisi also helped lead a multi-million dollar turnaround at a public company, and was responsible for delivering the first local broadcast news affiliate video network on-demand for mobile. Mr. Scalisi also worked in the Venture Capital market restructuring and re-architecting portfolio companies. His nonprofit experience involves coordinating technology with corporate marketing to help develop meaningful partnerships between the charities and corporate socially responsible companies.