The Innogive Foundation

The Innogive Foundation (IGF) is an organization established to educate and provide Non-profits with knowledge, direction and resources for the best Mobile/Social Solutions available to communicate, serve, raise awareness and raise financial support through the quickly emerging mobile giving channel.

The mission of the Innogive Foundation is to help Charities and professionals serving the Charity sector reduce the mobile/Social channel learning curve. This is accomplished through white papers, conducting conferences (Click here to learn about IGF’s next event) and providing content and speakers at other Charity conferences like NTEN, Blogg World, Association of Fundraising Professionals, etc., Innogive brings together, trusted leaders and service providers to present the best “proven” and innovative communication, engagement, data gathering, and fundraising solutions that are arising in the mobile/social marketplace. The Foundation’s focus will be to help all non-profits and their staff members increase success and efficiency in social/mobile, building brand awareness via mobile/social, raising money, and communicating with current and prospective supporters through mobile and other interactive digital channels. Additionally we educate regarding the MMA standards for utilizing the mobile channel and how to interact with the carriers, ASP’s and others associated with the mobile channel so that charities are in compliance. We pride ourselves in gathering the best of breed to educate charities.

The foundation also serves as an experienced and knowledgeable resource to the mobile carriers and CTIA (The Wireless Association) through the CTIA’s and carrier participation in our conferences, our participation on Carrier/CTIA committees, etc.

IGF is a foundation comprised of leaders in the charity sector. Unique to other foundations serving the mobile giving ecosystem, Innogive has volunteer, advisory, and leadership with fundraising knowledge that spans a combined 150 years’ experience across all emerging fundraising channels and sectors.

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